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At Cotch + Co, we value our clients and their partnerships that we create. Together, we work to identify the right types of digital marketing strategies to grow your business.


Our search engine optimization services focus on driving relevant traffic and ROI instead of vanity metrics.


Content marketing can be difficult. However, there are often multiple opportunities for websites to create or update content.


Getting more traffic to any website is great, unless you can’t convert them. Our conversion rate optimization services are essential for any business.

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SEO and digital marketing programs all focus on driving results and revenue. Each part of our programs are built around each business and consumer mindset.


We put your website under a microscope to analyze what content is performing for your business.


We check your website for any technical SEO issues that might be holding it back.


Keyword research can be tricky. We take a business approach to finding the keywords that drive revenue.


Our content gap analysis report gives a detailed step-by-step process to ranking for priority keywords.

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